Warrior Blowguns .40 cal LOADED w/ 40 Darts - Asstd. Colors 24 36 48 54"

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Avenger Warrior Blowguns .40 Caliber LOADED w/ 40 Darts - in assorted colors, Black, Pink, Green and Urban Camouflage from 24" 36" to 2PC 48" and 54 inch w/ BONUS Breakdown Coupling. The Warrior is a totally decked out hunting model with 4 styles of darts, a sewn sling, and loaded with dart holder quivers. Looks awesome! Shoots great! One of S2G's hottest selling blowguns, a great package deal that's loaded with value... Bye Bye Bunny!

The Warrior Model is the ultimate, most Eye-Catching blowgun for shooters who want the best and won't settle for less. One look at this blowgun, and you'll be amazed at the arsenal of darts right there at your fingertips. The aluminum barrel is precision made to fit perfectly with the darts, and the components are made in the USA, so you will never be disappointed over the quality of workmanship. 

Avenger Warrior Blowguns For Sale .40 caliber LOADED w/ Darts 24" 36" 48" 54 Inch

All Warrior Blowguns Include:

  • 40 Total Darts (cone colors may vary)
  • 12 Target Darts, 8 Stun
  • 10 Broadhead, 10 Spear
  • 8 Point Quiver, 16 Point Quiver
  • (x4) 10 Point Quivers
  • (x3) Dart Guard Tip Protectors
  • Foam Grip, Safety Mouthpiece
  • Hand Made Carry Sling
  • Precision Aircraft Aluminum Barrel
  • Brand: Avenger (Made In USA)
  • MFG: Lifetime Warranty


Note: The longer your barrel is, the further your dart will travel (more acceleration time).


Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

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Warrior blowgun
Yes big bore .50 cal blowguns are very cool, also more expensive and not exactly a fair comparison as these are .40 cal. Anyways, not sure what the issue you're having with the darts is, we've sold Avenger blowguns for years and haven't had anyone else reporting this issue... but you may send it back if you like and I'll be happy to issue you a refund. Thank you for the review! -S2G