Airsoft BBs 6mm

Airsoft BBs are all the same size - 6mm, the only difference is the weight, and the quality. Always buy the most expensive BBs, that way you don't have to buy your gun twice.

Weight: Lighter BBs travel further, Heavier BBs are more accurate.

  • Anything High-End or Gas Powered, use .2g or higher.
  • If your BB curves down, use lighter. If your BB curves up, use Heavier. If your BB curves around a corner, stop holding your gun sideways like a gangster.

Quality: Junk for a doll hair - Never buy junk (the only thing they will do is break your gun).

  • Mid Quality - for low cost Spring Powered only (you may get a bump or square chunk).
  • Best Quality - for Electric or High End guns with minimal jamming issues.

***Helpful Hint - use the filter.