Batons/Police Sticks

A collapsible baton is a key piece of any self-defense arsenal. These batons, sometimes referred to as an “expandable baton” or "asp" collapse into themselves for easy storage and carrying. When retracted they fit nicely in a purse or briefcase and are easy to hide from potential threats. Batons work best when your attacker isn’t prepared for the strike so having a retractable baton at the ready is a good way to stay one step ahead of the curve.

Batons are typically made out of a heavy-duty material like carbon or aluminum. They’re usually hollow which makes them more lightweight and also capable of collapsing when needed. S2G offers dozens of telescoping baton solutions that become as small as 4” and can be extended to as long as 36” in length. What size is right for you?

A security professional or law enforcement officer needs a sturdier, longer baton than your average citizen. For home use a small expandable baton is usually enough to give you peace of mind and help keep you safe when you’re most vulnerable. If you’ve been looking for a non lethal self-protection weapon to have at the ready, look no further than a baton.

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