Knife Accessories

All Knives need a little TLC 😍 a pocket sharpener, KPL (Knife Pivot Lube) oil, threadlocker/loctite, a sheath for EDC, or a precision screwdriver to service/repair them. Spare parts/Broken OTF spring? S2G has you covered! 

Knives are our babies, and proper maintenance is required. Take care of your knife, and your knife will take care of you. Feel free to message us if you have a specific need/lost screw etc.... you never know what goodies we may have laying around in our junkyard pile.

Please Note: Folding knives pivot, and pivots have screws. Screws may loosen from the natural pivoting motion. Moving parts may require maintenance, cleaning/oil/adjusting/etc. It is kind of like checking the tire pressure on a vehicle, or making sure you still have oil in an engine. If you lack maintenance, problems may occur.