USB Flash Drives

Plug & Play USB Flash Drives.... store all your music, videos, photos, etc. in a cool new trendy device.

You can gift yourself or loved ones with the adorable 2.0 rubber  16 GB memory cards such as Minions, Hearts, Owls, Batman, Superman, or cartoon Stitch from Disney. 32 GB pen drive for extra storage, or for the more serious computer guru... get the big boy 3.0 Bullet 64 GB metal  USB flash drive. If you are a fan of super heroes like Iron Man or Captain America, S2G has got you covered! Not only this, you can find them in the form of jewelry such as Heart pendants and Owl necklaces with bling. Even military and gun enthusiasts will be tickled pink when they find one in the shape of a grenade, pistol, or uzi. And of course, how can we miss our Star Wars fans? Darth Vader, Yoda, and R2D2!

So what are you waiting for, choose your favorite memory stick and be the owner of the quirkiest and the coolest flash drives in the town!

3.0 gives you 10x the speed, and allows you to read AND write at the same time! If you transfer larger files you will definitely want a 3.0 (example... 60gb transfer on 2.0 = over 5 hours, 3.0 = half hour).

***Helpful Hint - use the filter.