Tactical Airsoft Mask Motorcycle Halloween Full Face Skull - Ghost

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Tactical Airsoft Mask Paintball Full Face Skull - Ghost "will-o-the-wisp"

This mask can be used while riding your Bike, Motorcycle, Airsoft Wargames, Halloween, Costumes, Cosplay, Parties, taking Sweet Pictures, Scaring children, running around screaming, whatever your thing is.

  • Constructed with flexible Shock Proof High Strength Engineering Materials, comfortable, light-weight and durable. 
  • The mesh on the mask is easy for you to breath and provides full face protection from outdoor elements.
  • The metal mesh eyes allows you to see clearly, with impact resistance up to 700FPS.
  • The multi-point adjustable harness provides a secure fit while the contoured rubber pads makes wearing the mask very comfortable.

Complete your tactical gear with this really cool ghost mask. Choose your favorite style now!

Features: High-Strength Engineering Materials with Stainless Steel Mesh. Size: W20cm*H28cm*D16cm/7.09"*10.63"*5.91" approx. Weight: Approx. 450g. 


Since this series contains terror skeleton elements, it may cause unpredictable harm to infants, adolescents, physical discomfort people, heart disease patients, hypertension patients and other disease patients. Please use with caution.

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Steve Audilet

It was the coolest mask I ever bought