Ninja 48" Blowgun .40 cal w/ 20 Darts - 2PC Pink Camo

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Avenger Ninja .40 Caliber Blowguns 48" inch w/ 20 Darts - 2 Piece Pink Camouflage w/ BONUS Breakdown Coupler. The Ninja blowgun line is a deluxe, super safe model. It comes with the two most popular dart types, the target and stun dart.

You get 12 darts, which are sharpened 4 inch needles with a precision cone for ultimate accuracy and performance. These are used for target practice, shooting small game, and for dart board games. You also get 8 stun darts, a flattened dummy dart that can be used more safely indoors, to stun a small animal, or for the younger sportsman to knock over a row of cans. Ready for use are 2 types of quivers (dart holders) for quick access. This is an ultra safe model with an anti-inhale mouthpiece, an extra foam grip, and dart guard to protect your hands.

The most fun and easy to use blowgun anywhere is the Ninja model... Silent but deadly!

Ninja Blowguns for Sale .40 Caliber w/ 20 Darts - 12" 18" 24" 36" 48 inch - Avenger Made In USA

All Ninja Blowguns Include:

  • 20 Total Darts (cone colors may vary)
  • 12 Target Darts 
  • 8 Stun Darts
  • 16 Point Quiver
  • 8 Point Quiver
  • Dart Guard Tip Protectors
  • Foam Grip (x2), Safety Mouthpiece
  • Precision Aircraft Aluminum Barrel
  • Brand: Avenger (Made In USA)
  • MFG: Lifetime Warranty


Note: Add a 2nd mouthpiece to shoot with a friend, or connect them together for more powerful shots! (Breakdown Coupling Included)

***ATTENTION*** As of April 1st 2022, the CARRIER has implemented an additional $4 "handling fee" to your shipping label on 24" boxes, and an insane $15 increase for 36" boxes. This additional charge has already been added in to your purchase price, and there is nothing we can do about it.


Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

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