TheONE Channel Balisong ARROW Butterfly Knife w/ Zen Pins - ORIGINAL

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The ONE "arrow" balisong ORIGINAL DESIGN aluminum Butterfly Knife w/ BUSHINGS Trainer, with either Blue, Silver, Red or Black channel construction, and Zen Pin system. Another affordable, flipable Balisong the community can be proud of IN STOCK. Featured as one of S2G's highest quality  butterfly knives.

Pierce the competition before they sell out, hit your mark !!

  • ORIGINAL design (NOT a clone), made by "TheONE" a High End factory in China.
  • Milled Aluminum (provides a delightful clickity clank sound) Black, Blue, Silver or Red Handles: Channel construction (each handle is ONE SOLID PIECE)
  • Beveled corners on the handles, with grippy pattern
  • NO latch, made for flipping
  • Zen Pins, crowned spine, T6/T8 hardware (little to no tap when tuned properly)
  • PB Washers (Phosphorus Bronze) and extra large BUSHING system for an Ultra Smooth swing (The bushings on this unique model actually go through the washers, and make contact with the handle directly... called a "floating washer" system. Meaning you mostly tune the washer, NOT the bushing)
  • DULL  High Quality D2 Tool Steel, Practice/Training unique arrow design with a Stonewash finish
  • Overall Length: 10"  Closed Length: 5.74"  Blade Length: 4.54"
  • Blade Thickness: 3.5mm  Hardness: 61HRC       Weight: 3.7oz
  • Includes: Heavy Duty Nylon Sheath
  • Optional: Spare Training Blade (1.1oz) + additional set of spare hardware. Need spare hardware only? CLICK HERE     Need threadlocker? CLICK HERE      Need oil? CLICK HERE


"There is a reason why this is called this "theONE", superb quality without breaking the bank!"


Although these are made by a "clone factory",  your support will help them lean more toward the direction of producing original designs vs clones. This is a beautiful start to many affordable models soon to arrive!

Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

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Great Flipper!

Super light, perfect balance and silky smooth action!