Bullet Fire Starter - Emergency Permanent Match Survival Key Chain

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Hot New Emergency Firestarter, Metal Rifle Bullet Flint Match Lighter

Pointed tip can be used for Self Defense: Igniting fire, bonfire or wood
• Easy to use, fits on keychain
• Each match is capable of 15,000 long burning strikes
• Uses lighter fluid, or kerosene (not included)

Ideal uses include:
camping, hiking, beaches, fishing, road trip emergency plus a whole lot more!

Product features:
• Strikes hot, burns hot
• Ferro rod strides at over 3000 degrees and flames burn over 600 degrees Fahrenheit
• Will start a fire in the rain, sleet or snow

Product tips:
• Do not over fill lighter fluid
• Do not over-tighten cap as it may damage thread and seal
• Strike rod against magnesium rod hard and quick
• Soaked wick should air dry for a few seconds for easier lighting
• Always fill with enough lighter fluid in bullet barrel and wipe off spillage.
• Warm it to body temperature before striking in cold weather for quicker lighting

Material: Sturdy metal construction
Product weight: 1.1 oz
Measures: 3.25" (80mm) x .6" (14.5 mm)


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Justin Arzoomanian
Not as described

Impossible to light match

The description is there, but we can not force you to read it. You need to add lighter fluid, just like any lighter.... no fuel = no fire. You may send your product back for a full refund if you are unhappy. Thank you for the unfair review! -S2G

Sara Elaine
You get what you pay for.

It's cute and fits great into my bag for camping but unless you put fluid on the wick, all it does it spark. You arent starting a fire with that alone like the video shows.

I think you may be confused... this item was $7. We do not have a video... and there are 6 tips discussing how to use fluid with this product... did you even read the description?

John Morgan

Exactly what I wanted perfect

Jason Trice
Good job

Timely delivery and great customer service. Had a small problem they remedied right away. Would order from them again no problem.

Jacob Lyons

Bullet Fire Starter - Emergency Permanent Match Survival Key Chain