Metal Fire Starter - Emergency Permanent Match Survival Key Chain

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Hot New Emergency Firestarter, Metal Rifle Bullet/Grenade/Bomb Flint Match Lighter

Can be used for: Igniting fire, bonfire or wood
• Easy to use, fits on keychain
• Each match is capable of 15,000 long burning strikes
• Uses lighter fluid, or kerosene (not included)

Ideal uses include:
camping, hiking, beaches, fishing, road trip emergency plus a whole lot more!

Product features:
• Strikes hot, burns hot
• Ferro rod strides at over 3000 degrees and flames burn over 600 degrees Fahrenheit
• Will start a fire in the rain, sleet or snow

Product tips:
• Do not over fill lighter fluid
• Do not over-tighten cap as it may damage thread and seal
• Strike rod against magnesium rod hard and quick
• Soaked wick should air dry for a few seconds for easier lighting
• Always fill with enough lighter fluid in bullet barrel and wipe off spillage.
• Warm it to body temperature before striking in cold weather for quicker lighting

Material: Sturdy metal construction
Product weight: 1.1 oz (bullet), or 2.4 oz (grenade)
Measures approx: 3.25" x .6" (bullet), or 2" x 1.1" (grenade)


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jessica Martinez
Looks cool but doesn't work

I purchased this for my husband as a stocking stuffer for Christmas and he thought it was really cool. When he went to use it he had a hard time getting it to light. We added kerosene as directed but the flint just wouldn't strike. He kept trying to strike it and eventually the match broke in half. He now just uses the casing as a keychain. We are disappointed that it didn't work and will try purchasing a different one from somewhere else.

A hard and fast strike seems to work best, kerosene or zippo fluid.... mostly in the way you're holding it. Or maybe we just got a defective one I don't know, but ordering another one elsewhere is still going to give you the same product. If you would like to place a future order here, just put a note on your order and I will include a replacement for you in the package at no additional cost. I apologize for the unsatisfactory quality, and look forward to serving you again!

Julie K
Ordered nine days ago and still waiting to receive them.

I ordered two items nine days ago. I still have not received them.

I am showing delivered in 11 business days. I apologize on behalf of the Post Office, but we can not control, nor are responsible for carrier delays caused by a global pandemic. We gave you same day shipping, the rest was out of our control :(