"My Kitty" Self Defense Evil Cat Keychain ABS Knuckles - Gray

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Evil Cat Self Defense Key Chain, Unbreakable Plastic Two-Finger Knuckles - Grey Kitty Cat. When you need an easily concealed public safety item, "My Kitty" is the perfect match for you. Featuring a detailed cat design, complete with sharp ears, sinister-looking teeth, and fur and whiskers.

Protect yourself against unwanted advances, put your fingers through the eyes, and the inch-long ears become deadly spikes when clutched into the palm of your hands. The indestructible poly-resin body makes it light weight and easy to carry. This keychain looks non-threatening and will provide you with peace of mind, order your Kitty today!

Other colors are available HERE... 

My Kitty Cat Self Defense Key Chain Knuckles Unbreakable Plastic Two-Finger Knucks - Black Evil Cat slash2gash S2G

Product Features:

  • Fits on Keyring - Stylish Accessory
  • Overall Length: 3"
  • Total Width: 2.5"
  • Great Detailed Design
  • Eyeholes Fit Most Fingers
  • Weight: just 1 oz!
  • Poly-resin - Impact Resistant Material
  • As Strong as Metal

***Color shade and packaging may vary slightly from different batches.

Customer Reviews

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Eric Freed
My kitty

This product is very well made and will not break if you were to use them. I bought this item for my wife in case she gets in a bad situation when I am not around. We both agree that my kitty is better than a tiny can of Mace which can malfunction in the time of need. All in all a five-star product I would recommend for any and all female just to be on the safe side!

Greg Kimrey
Kitty Cat Defense tool

Great size, many color choices of colors, perfect thoughtful gift !