Balisong Pivot Screw (A2) Stainless Steel w/ DEEPER HEAD - M2.5 x 5mm T8

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M2.5x5mm TheONE Butterfly Knife Pivot Screw Replacement, upgrade your balisong  with DEEPER HEADS. Aftermarket Torx T8 black or silver stainless steel (A2) Pan Head (ISO 14583). Tired of stripped screws? No worry with these Metric replacements for many of "The ONE" models using floating washers with the D-shaped pivot shaft. 

Please Note: Both our Orca and Lucha clone require the shorter 5mm length, most other models can use either length including Tsunami, Monarch, Serif, Channel Rep (CHEP), Squiggle, Hammer CHAB, Arrow and more.... If you need M3 size for other models, please click here....

Balisong Pivot Screw Theone Tsunami clone upgrade m2.5 x 5mm orca monarch serif the one aftermaket upgrade

Technical Specification:

  • Finish:               Natural or Matte Black
  • Head Diameter (D):                 5mm
  • Head Length (H):                     2.1mm
  • Manufacturing Standard:    ISO 14583
  • Material:                 Stainless Steel (A2)
  • Metric or Imperial:                   Metric
  • Screw Thread Pitch:               0.45mm
  • Thread Length (L):          5mm or 8mm
  • Thread Size (T):               M2.5 (2.5mm)
  • Includes:           2x PIVOT SCREW ONLY
  • Knife NOT included
  • Images not to scale, for graphic representation only


***Need Oil? Threadlocker? Removal Tool? See our knife accessories here... 



The head is slightly smaller than the cup in the handle.  Cosmetically you do see a small gap around the head, but functionality is a huge improvement.... so no more stripped screws and you can really crank down on them!

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Richard Norris

Exactly what they said they'd be. Deeper heads. Perfect fit.