Balisong Spare Hardware Kit for TheONE REPLICANT (clone)

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Maintenance service Repair Kit for "The ONE" Butterfly Knife REPLICANT (clone) - Frankie FrankenREP/baliplus Replacement pivots, screws, BUSHINGS, washers - Highest Quality Clone. Add some KPL™ (Knife-Pivot-Lube) Oil and Vibra-Tite gel ThreadLocker for everything you need to keep flipping and master all your best tricks.

We scratched and clawed to get these from the factory.... order yours today and keep your wicked flips buttery smooth! Very LIMITED QUANTITY !!

Each Kit Includes:

  • 2x Stock Pivot Screws (T8) - M3 x 5mm
  • 2x Pivot Shaft
  • 4x Phosphorus Bronze Washers
  • OPTIONAL: aftermarket T10 pivot screws (x2) A2 Stainless Steel, with a DEEPER HEAD (no more stripped heads) view our full listing here....

***Need Oil? Threadlocker? Removal Tool? See our knife accessories here...


This hardware kit is made for "TheONE" REPLICANT clone balisong only, we do not guarantee these will fit any other models. (We use blades by theONE, baliplus hardware WILL NOT fit with our version)

Customer Reviews

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Been buying balis from Jeff since 2021 must have dropped about $1k by now and have no regrets at all. I bought the first run of his frankenrep stitched black and white with gold liners and tanto blade. That thing was an absolute disaster from day 1. The white g10 cracked within the first week, Jeff was kind enough to send me a replacement set which also cracked in about 2 weeks. Then one of the zen pins snapped from the middle and that really left me with a bad taste as far as the frankenreps were concerned. Well, fast forward to 2 weeks ago when I decided to buy another one, plain black handled raw ti alt blade version. I was/am still blown away at the progress Jeff has made in choosing quality of materials and his tuning ability. The knife is rock solid, no blade or handle play. It sounds amazing, even more so with some carbon honey thick lube. Excellent job brotha! As far as shipping, Jeff is the best. Got my order in 3days of purchase as usual. Keep up the excellent work and definitely will be purchasing from s2g for years to come.

Thank you for the review! Not that it changes anything, but yours was the only time we've had someone say their scales cracked. You're just too buff for these parts :) lol but a part can always be changed. Happy New Year!

Anthony Lucero
The one Hardware kit was just what I needed

Needed some parts for my rep and the package shipped and arrived ahead of schedule. Would highly recommend

Joseph brown
They are ok

The bushings are good and one of the screws are already stripped

Not sure how an unused screw can be stripped, but who knows what happened at the factory. Just put a note on your next order and we'll toss you in a few replacements no charge. Thank you for the review!

Garvit Sharma
B+ version

I've bought hardware from here twice, both times they arrived fast, and how they were advertised. Bushings were also undersized by a hair, but it still was very good.


Title says it all. Way better than other clones. Even fully tightened down, everything is smooth. I would buy a real one if they were more available, but this is pretty awesome. Will look to buy the chab next.