Universal Butterfly Knife Sheath ABS Holster w/ Belt Attachment

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Perfect for horizontal carry of your favorite butterfly knife on your belt, this Universal Butterfly Knife Sheath fits **most straight handled Balisongs. Made from a durable ABS polymer, secure your knife for quick access by attaching to your belt or clipping over the top of your pants. Simply attach the holster, slide the knife in, and you're ready to go! 
***Please Note: This sheath is pretty universal for most smaller/thinner "cheap" models, but if you have a larger/thicker handled bali such as a CHAB or Replicant.... this will NOT fit properly. You may want our Nylon Sheath available HERE.
  • Overall Length: 3.5 Inches
  • Thickness: .63 Inches
  • Material: ABS Polymer 
  • Weight: 1.23 oz.
  • Horizontal mount

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Its pretty nice but breaks easily.

I was wearing mine and the knife caught the edge of my cabinet and broke off. The loops on the nylon sheath came off almost immediately.

Anthony Ferguson
Universal Abs holster w/ belt attachment

Doesn't fit my knife, too thin for the handles to fit in properly.. if you have a cheaper made butterfly with thinner handles then it would work great, wear I have a bear and sons knife, the handles are a little thicker, at least in my case..

Mixed feelings

Good idea... not so great outcome. First off out of the 5 balisong knives I own. Only one loosely fits in the holster all others are too big or fall right out. Another issue is that the thin peice of plastic that makes up the belt clip cracked the day i got it. SUGGESTIONS... 1- make the belt clip one solid peice of plastic. 2- put a retainer toe inside the holster like bear and sons used to do with theirs. The one sided rivet thing for tension is a bad design..... but for the cost I guess its whatever.

Herbert Hill

Universal Butterfly Knife Sheath ABS Holster w/ Belt Attachment

Jacob Schmieder
Needs better description

Works great but needs a description for its utility. The holster is unidirectional so it's impossible to keep your knife verticle.

The picture does show how the attachment is, but I have updated the description to clarify.... thank you for your review!