TheONE Channel Balisong FALCON Butterfly Knife w/ Zen Pins - ORIGINAL

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The ONE "falcon" balisong ORIGINAL DESIGN aluminum Butterfly Knife w/ BUSHINGS sharp 440C or Trainer, with either Blue, Silver, Purple or Black channel construction, and Zen Pin system. Finally an affordable, flipable Balisong the community can be proud of, now IN STOCK. Featured as one of S2G's highest quality  butterfly knives.

Spreading our wings over big name balisong brands, don't let these fly by.... Very LIMITED QUANTITY !!

  • ORIGINAL design (NOT a clone), made by "TheONE" a High End factory in China.
  • Milled Aluminum (provides a delightful clickity clank sound, very unique) Black or Blue Handles: Channel construction (each handle is ONE SOLID PIECE)
  • Beveled corners on the handles, with grippy pattern
  • NO latch, made for flipping
  • Zen Pins, crowned spine, T6/T8 hardware (little to no tap when tuned properly)
  • PB (Phosphorus Bronze) Washers and large BUSHING system for an Ultra Smooth swing (Bushings are a small insert around the pivot screws, that separates the friction between 2 points of contact, instead of just 1... allowing for an even smoother swing)
  • Razor Sharp  High Quality 440C Stainless Steel, unique feather shape with a beautiful Satin finish
  • Overall Length: 9.7"  Closed Length: 5.76"  Blade Length: 4.25"
  • Blade Thickness: 3mm  Hardness: 58HRC  Weight: 4.0oz
  • Includes: Heavy Duty Nylon Sheath + spare hardware.
  • Optional: Spare Training Blade (1.1oz) + additional set of spare hardware.  Need threadlocker? CLICK HERE      Need oil? CLICK HERE      Replacement Hardware w/ Zen Pins CLICK HERE


"There is a reason why this is called this "theONE", superb quality without breaking the bank!"


Although these are made by a "clone factory", your support will help them lean more toward the direction of producing original designs vs clones. This is a beautiful start to many affordable models soon to arrive!

Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

Customer Reviews

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T. G.
Amazing quality for an affordable price

Skeptical. That's the best word to describe how I felt when I stumbled upon slash2gash a couple weeks back. I've been into balis for quite a while, I own 5 of the real versions of the clones sold here. Therein lies my problem....I love to flip, I'm not very good, and the real deal knives are all worth 2-3 times what I paid for them.

So I ordered the Falcon as my test run. If the knife was even usable, I'd consider trying out the clones.

I gotta tell you, I'm blown away. I ordered the live blade knife in purple and an extra trainer blade-only. Zero tap out of the package, the grind on the blade is super tight and very nicely done. I flipped for about 30 min and still no tap. I slapped on the trainer blade and as expected the bushings needed some adjustment. About 30 minutes and a little KPL Heavy, that I also ordered from Slash2Gash, and the trainer blade fits as well as any of the real deal blades on knives 10x the price. Zero tap and smooth at butter.

Quality is quality. This knife is the best non name brand bali I've ever handled. Slash2Gash is about to see a lot more of my name on their order list!

Michael dudczak
Amazing balisong for an amazing price

This is my third purchase from s2g and it seems that with each knife I purchase they keep upping the quality of the products being sold. This knife has no tap and is amazing for flipping. The live blade is lethal, but I think it helps with the learning experience. As always I cannot recommend this knife enough.

Robert Davidson
Blade only

Ordered the falcon live blade only. I machine my own handles but not into grinding and hardening blades. The one blades are well ground and very sharp. I am not a flipper, I make using balisongs. Happy with my purchase.

Jeebs Fransisco
Great company!

I ordered a balisong through slash2gash for the first time and the whole experience was excellent! Jeff made sure the bushings were the correct size before shipping out to me. It came quickly and hand tuned! Highly recommend this company! Thanks Jeff!

Seth Welch
Yet another banger!

Jeff is the man! Super friendly and attentive with his customers, always lightning fast with the shipping.

The Falcon is a sick addition to any collection, lightweight and super agile with just enough grip. The blade shape is unique and slightly confusing in a good way (if that’s even a thing?). Very sleek design, T1 did it right with this original for sure. Little bit of KPL on this and it’s flying around!

Will be coming back again soon for more, big ups to Slash2Gash for always doing the most for us!