Green Laser Pointer Pen W/Clip High Power Military Grade 10 Miles + Star Cap + Battery + Charger 532nm

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100% brand new  high quality and perfect design. Use your laser to point at any desired targets on a projection screen, video, etc. With star cap it can show variable wonderful patterns at night. When you remove the cap, it is a single beam laser. Lighting up the sky allowing you to find stars, the leader in Astronomy.
This high quality laser pointer adopts the latest technology optics and microelectronics. Power saving, lightweight, easy and convenient to carry in your pocket or handbags. Can be used for presentations, teaching indicators, child amusement, driving your pets INSANE, and much more.
Note: This laser pen is powered by 1x18650 battery (included)
  • Negative pole -- inward Positive pole -- outward
  • Charging light will turn green from red, when charging is complete.
  • Click to turn on, click to turn off.... no need to hold. (Clicker Switch)
  • Removable belt clip, for an easy to carry design.
  • The copper end is fixed by an Aluminum sheet, which avoids short circuit.
Material: Aerometal
Dimensions: 150X28x22mm
Beam style: Continuous line
Wave length: 532nm
Power supply :1x18650 Battery (included)
Laser range: 10000m
Laser Color: Green
Adjustable Focus: No
Body Color: Black
Working voltage: DC=3.0-3.7V.
Waterproof: IPX67
Preheat time: < 3seconds.
Operating Temperature: +20℃~+30℃
Charging time: 3~5 hours
Output Power: <200mw
Safety Level: Class III B
Please Note:
In Europe and America, usually power for lasers requires less than 5mw. So for safety reasons (to get through customs), label may read 5mw.
Package includes:
1 x Green Laser Pointer with Star Cap
1 x Wall Charger (US Plug)
1 x 18650 3.7v Rechargeable Li-ion battery

1. Avoid direct eye exposure to laser beam -- exposure to the eye can cause permanent damage.
2. This laser is bright even in normal temperatures and daylight with a high energy output... so for every 60 sec ON, it is recommended to give it 30 sec OFF... to prevent overheating from the inside.
3. Please keep this out of reach of children.
4. When not in use, it is always a good idea to remove the battery -- it is is a good way to ensure children do not have access to it.
5. In some countries, laser pointers such as this may be illegal to own and/or use (especially the higher powered ones). Therefore, by purchasing these products YOU (the customer) accept all responsibly and liability to determine and fulfill the requirements and limitations of use or resale of these products in accordance with your country's laws and regulations. In the event of resale, you also agree to include this notation in the product description, so that any potential buyer can also make an informed purchasing decision.

Customer Reviews

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Walter Cutcher
Great Value

No complaints from me. Does everything I ask of it.

Walter Cutcher
Awesome Value

Great quality, lots of features with this laser that many lower cost ones on market do not have. The quality of the constant pressure switch is leaps and bounds better than lower cost lasers (even those sold as teaching assistant items at stores supporting educational supplies)

The adjustable focus feature makes for hours of fun with pets. I like the safety key feature also, takes away the worries of a less informed person being able to inadvertently operate such a powerful item.

If there were 10 stars, I’d give it that high of a rating!

Sean Kendall
very bright

it is bright and works amazing for $30.00 dollars.The only flaw is that if you use it alot it slowly gets less bright until you charge it.The charger shows you when its done and charges well.great product!