Bomb Fire Starter - Emergency Permanent Match Survival Key Chain

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Hot New Emergency Firestarter, Metal Bomb/Missile Flint Match Lighter

Can be used for: Igniting fire, bonfire or wood
• Easy to use, fits on keychain
• Each match is capable of 15,000 long burning strikes
• Uses lighter fluid, or kerosene (not included)

Ideal uses include:
camping, hiking, beaches, fishing, road trip emergency plus a whole lot more!

Product features:
• Strikes hot, burns hot
• Ferro rod strides at over 3000 degrees and flames burn over 600 degrees Fahrenheit
• Will start a fire in the rain, sleet or snow

Product tips:
• Do not over fill lighter fluid
• Do not over-tighten cap as it may damage thread and seal
• Strike rod against magnesium rod hard and quick
• Soaked wick should air dry for a few seconds for easier lighting
• Always fill with enough lighter fluid in bullet barrel and wipe off spillage.
• Warm it to body temperature before striking in cold weather for quicker lighting

Material: Sturdy metal construction
Product weight: 1.7 oz
Measures approx: 2.2" x .6"


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