California Legal Mini OTF Dual Action Automatic Knife Black

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This California Legal OTF (out-the-front) Automatic Knife features a durable construction aluminum black finish handle with finger grip on the spine and belly with a dual action opening and closing push button. It comes with a drop point, two tone, stainless steel blade with a sharp edge and blood groove.

  • Overall 5.25 Inch
  • Fits on key ring, key chain

Customer Reviews

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Amazing service

I’m very happy that the manufacturer was able to contact me to tell me that he had better ones in stock, and even saved me money on shipping 🤩


Great transaction

It was decent but...

I bought this for my mom's birthday and sometimes the blade didn't come out all the way and if it was opened against a surface the blade gets disconnects from the spring and loosely slides in an out and you have to grab the blade and pull it all the way out for it to work again. And she accidentally left it in her pocket and it went through the washer and it held up pretty well besides the paint chipping a bit and the switch itself came off.

Thank you for your time to leave a review! As far as the blade becoming disconnected, that is just called 'off track'. The blade must be fully extended before the top lock can kick over and grab the blade, this is perfectly normal for ALL otf models. If it ever doesn't lock, just pull on the blade, or flick it out (the fun way) with a snap of the wrist. However, we never recommend running them through the washer :) If the body screws become loose, this could be the cause of the trigger falling out. Just reattach and tighten up your body screws. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us!