Diablo Stiletto Automatic Knife Milano Switchblade - Marble White Pearl

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Similar to the classic Italian Mafia style, this 9" Milano Automatic Stiletto aka "switchblade" is new and improved! The handle features Acrylic Marble White Pearl top and bottom scales, and a tip-up stainless steel pocket clip for easy carry. The push button quickly deploys the Silver Mirror Finished blade, then push the same  button again to close and secure with the top mounted safety.

Now featuring an incredibly Smooth Coil-Spring opening, and is now adjustable! Finally an Automatic Side-Opening Stiletto with no more guessing game if you get a strong spring. Even with a loose grip, you still get a solid lock-up regardless of how you hold it. This model will not disappoint, OR jump out of your hands like the jerky leaf springs do!

  • Adjustable - more user-friendly than a Classic Stiletto
  • Blade: Plain Edge Bayonet style, razor sharp 440 Stainless Steel
  • Handle: Stainless Steel with Marble White Pearl scales
  • Top mounted Safety Lock
  • Weight: 4.2oz
  • Overall Length: 9"  Blade Length: 4"  Handle Length: 5"

Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

Customer Reviews

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Meh, mostly good

The fit and finish is better than most cheap chinese knives. The sharpness is good. The lock mechanism is weak. The point is barely inside the handle when closed. Wear and constant spring stress will leave the point protruding over time. I've had a couple like this. The blade should be more deeply seated. The bar that backstops the blade popped out of place twice. I'm going to take it apart and re- work it. If you're not equipped for that, buy something more expensive, that's better quality.

Barely covered is still covered :) but let us know if that changes. As far as the backstop popping out, that would be a result of a loose pivot screw. Apply some threadlocker to your pivot and that will stop it from loosening on it's own....


Thank you for the review!

Great blade

I got it and haven’t regretted it, it’s sharp as hell and actually comes in handy


Love it. Looks stylish and operates clean. Fast shipping too!


Great product

Damn good knife

Excellent knife. Efficient mechanism for opening blade. Looks good!