Diamond OTF Dual Action Automatic Knife Black 2 Tone Single Edge

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"Diamonds In The Rough" D/A OTF Automatic Knife Black 2 Tone Single Edge. The aluminum alloy handle has been textured with a diamond design right in the center on each side.  A thumb slide is provided and ribbed for good traction so your thumb will not slip onto the blade. The pommel features a glass breaker just in case of an emergency. A two tone blade comes in a drop point style with a single edge and made from stainless steel.  Ejecting and retracting a blade has never been easier.  This knife also features a belt clip for transporting your blade with ease when you are on the go.

Overall Length: 8.75 Inches
Blade Length:  3.25 Inches
Blade Width: .76 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Length: 5.25 Inches
Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy

Steel Belt Clip - slightly different batch, attached to back of frame
Glass Breaker (***NOT INCLUDED***) priced accordingly
Drop Point, Single Edged Blade
Two-Toned Blade
Textured Handle

Customer Reviews

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Pretty good value here!

This knife has great heft, it will not get lost in your pocket! It fills the hand and feels good, and the firing button is exactly where it should be. The knife operates equally well if you are right-handed or left, but the pocket clip is oriented for a right hander. The firing mechanism sends the blade in and out with a satisfying snap, and it appears to have a solid lock-up. There is just the slightest 'play' in the blade while deployed, but it's acceptable to me. The overall finish of the knife is quite good, especially considering the price point. Sharpening the knife was a bit challenging, I found the grind profile a bit too steep and actually had to work with it a long time before I could get any results. I'm still working on the edge, but "so far so good". At this point I don't know about edge retention, although I don't plan on chopping trees with the knife. It's a fun knife!