Golden Scarab D/A OTF Knife Rainbow Damascus 440c w/ Abalone - Serrated

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S2G Tactical OTF Knives (formerly Delta Force) w/ Genuine Abalone inlays and Titanium Rainbow Damascus Serrated Dagger, D/A Bronze Scarab. A well made Automatic "Out-The-Front" Knife (aka switchblade), with a strong and snappy blade action. 

Generally found in coldcoastal waters such as those of New ZealandSouth Africa, and Australia, holding a piece of abalone may actually help in appreciating the beauty that surrounds you. Don't let these gorgeous pieces of art slip back into the sea!

 Abalone Shell Knife Inlay Custom OTF S2G Tactical Knives

  • This model features a "Scarab" inspired design, solid Zinc Aluminum Alloy Bronze handle with a gorgeous Abalone inlay.
  • Dual-spring system for a quite powerful snap.
  • Torx #6 Grade 8 Body Screws
  • Integrated Glass Breaker "aka Skull Crusher" in the base of the handle.
  • Offers an INCREDIBLY sharp, Double Edged Serrated dagger with a beautiful Laser etched Titanium Rainbow Damascus  finish and Blood Groove.
  • Solid Stainless Steel Trigger Chassis.
  • Blade Material: 440C High Quality Stainless Steel, will slash2gash  through the toughest materials with ease. Thickness: 3mm
  • Removable Stainless Steel Pocket Clip branding our very own S2G Tactical logo (formerly Delta Force) Tactical Nylon Sheath included.
  • Weighing in at a moderate 6.6 oz.
  • Overall Length: 8.5"  Blade Length: 3.4"  Handle Length: 5.2"
  • Hardness: 58HRC

 "With an excellent combination of edge retention and beauty, this Gem will be the focus of your collection!"

Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

Customer Reviews

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As a long-time collector of pocket, folding, and automatic knives, I have pretty good judgement of what makes a good knife. The quality of the steel, the finish, the overall materials, they all come into play. Aesthetics however, outweigh many people's perceptions on what makes a good knife. If it's "badass" looking, they many times are more impressed than if the blade wiggles, or the lock isn't the greatest. I purchased this particular OTF because it looked sturdy and had an unusual design/materials. It does seem to be sturdy. However, there are problems.

The finish is not the greatest. There are odd cuts in the abalone where it's pieced together (I wouldn't expect one solid piece at this price point, but there are better ways to hide the seams), and the handle is quite flawed and unattractive. You don't see this in the photos on the site here, because they don't show the smaller sides of the knife. Here you can see where the aluminum mold is not very good. It's inconsistent and very unattractive. Had I seen pictures of the sides, I would not have purchased this knife. They make it look cheap. It reeks of poor quality. The handle, that is. Also, the "brass" color, with its heavy coating of lacquer makes it look more like a fake brass drawer handle than a knife. Remember, this is not real brass. I understand why, but some may not realize that when purchasing, even though it's made relatively clear (very clear would have been "brass colored"). It reads aluminum. That's fine.

The good: the knife has what seems to be a very nice spring system. It's aggressive in its export of the blade, and retracts back just as quick. The blade itself is etched, and looks nice. This is a full production knife, so there is nothing "hand made" about this knife. Once again, not expected at this price point. I have some knives that cost much, much more, and they are 100% hand made, and you can feel it, see it, and never confuse it with a mass production knife.

Final thoughts: It's not a "bad" knife overall. It's designed nicely, and also comes with a better than average nylon sheath. Worth its price? I don't believe so, but others may disagree. There's a lot of very nice knives out there (and on this site), and this is a low-mid-range knife. I wish the handle was better.

Thank you for the detailed review! The abalone is all completely random, and some pcs do look better than others. The bronze coloring is meant to be 'old and rustic' vintage looking. I personally prefer the all black version with a solid color frame, really makes the abalone pop. The frame itself starts as a flat piece of metal, then is stamped/folded to make the corners. This particular factory is kind of weird how they make the frame like that, but that's just how they come and is still quite unique (even with that process), but yeah... if there is anything we can do for you just reach out, and we look forward to serving you again! -S2G

Michael Thomas
: /

Paid extra for priority mail, but took 2 days longer than estimated. Knife looks great, but had crack in Abalone and knife came out of spring mechanism the 1st time I used it and was loose, but was able to reattach to mechanism. Not real Damascus. Only laser etched

I apologize as we can't control any delays by the carrier. A misfire here or there is common, if you experience a lot of misfires then let us know. Please send a picture of any damage to your inlay and we'll get you taken care of. And yes the description states this is a laser etching, real damascus is available on many of our recon models... thank you for your review and we look forward to serving you again! -S2G

William Zelinsky
Everything is Amazing

The service was Great and the Product is better then I even thought, thank you!!!!

Cameron Simon
Sent wrong product

I ordered the serrated blade but got the straight. Kind of dissapointed but its a beautiful knife

We are showing your order was for the plain edge. I apologize for any confusion, please note your blade selection in the drop down menu. We have updated the website so you must physically click on your blade selection now before adding to cart, hopefully this will eliminate any confusion in the future. Thank you for your review! -S2G

Alex Turcios
Great one of kind OTF knife

Once I opened the package I instantly fell in love with this knife. The blade, the handle, the distinction, all perfect. I pulled out this bad boy in front of the buddies, and it took their breath away. Even my manager wanted to put in an order for this one but sadly it sold out. I’d like to think I was the lucky one to get the last one. The workmanship is exquisite, and it feels top notch. Not too heavy or bulky, and it feels great in the hand. When the blade pulls out, you feel the mechanics are very solid. The is a must buy. Get the black one of this for work, and get the gold one for play.

Thank you for the review, we are hoping for restock in about a week or so.... but only a few pcs of plain edge so keep your eye out for back in stock. They won't last long!