Gun-Shaped Spring Assisted Knife Black Pistol w/ Holster - asst. colors

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      MT-A818SB Folding Pistol-Shaped Gun Knives, with mini holster/sheath. Silver or Black, w/ black, tan or brown grips. Defender Xtreme continues to prove themselves in the line of duty. You'll be truly amazed with how this unique collectors knife opens... just rack the slide back, and out shoots the stainless steel blade! How cool is that?

      • Spring Assisted Novelty Knife
      • 3.5" part Serrated Stainless Steel Blade
      • 4.5" CLOSED, standard Linerlock
      • Silver or Black Aluminum Handles in the shape of a Handgun
      • The blade can be opened manually, OR by racking the Top Slide
      • INCLUDES mini Black Nylon Holster (sheath)

      ***Discontinued*** the Mtech version can NOT be replaced, and will sell out! Get yours now before they are gone forever!

          Pistol Knives Gun-Shaped Spring Assisted Knife Black Grips Holster Sheath Cock Back Slide

          Customer Reviews

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          Gun-Shaped Spring Assisted Knife Black Pistol w/ Holster - asst. colors

          Tony Moreno

          Gun-Shaped Spring Assisted Knife Silver Pistol w/ Holster

          Brandi Crain
          Its ok

          When u cock the gun the knife dosent release properly.

          It works better if you do it fast, try adding a drop of oil too that should help. Thank you for the review and we look forward to serving you again! -S2G

          Guy Hewes

          when it said spring loaded I though it meant like a switch blade but they are still nice

          The term 'switchblade' means automatic, this item is 'spring assisted' meaning it requires physical motion to start the action.... 2 different classifications. Sorry if there was any confusion, and thank you for the review! -S2G