Hammer Spike Real Brass Knuckle Duster Paper Weight 14.2oz - Large

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Real Brass Knuckles with spiked/pointed edges, Hammer Spikes design with large finger holes. These are Heavy Duty Belt Buckles, or Paperweights. Designed with "intended use" is to hold up your pants, or windy days. These are hand cast brass, not the brass plated steel or pot metal ones you normally see. After years of searching, we have finally found them - 100% solid and built to last!

***Please Note: These are NOT beveled or as nicely polished like most of our other real brass models, meaning the edges are semi-sharp.


  • Weighs in at 13.5oz - 14.9oz (average 403g)
  • Finger Hole Size: approx. 1.10"
  • Overall Length: 6.06" (15.39 cm), Height: 3.06" (7.77 cm)
  • NO removable peg, this is a decorative "paperweight"
  • LARGE Thickness: almost .61" (1.55 cm)
  • LARGE finger holes w/ standard size bridge length
  • 100% Real Brass
  • Hammer Spike design


Please Note: Our Belt Buckle Paperweights Are Intended For Novelty Purposes Only! You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

Customer Reviews

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TH MF Ryan

These are some truly heavyweight and downright monstrous paperweights, my only complaint is that they are just a little bit tight on my middle fingers... but don't let that deter you, I have large hands so the fit of anything on them is a normal issue that I have just resigned myself to simply expect. Can't wait to perform some intense clerical duties with these paperweights.