Instaknives Aluminum Balisong 2in1 Butterfly Knife w/ Zen Pins - Black

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InstaKnives Evolution T6061 ALUMINUM butterfly knife 2-in-1 Tanto + Trainer, w/ BALL BEARINGS, black sandwich construction, and Zen Pin system. Brand new original design loaded with extras, soon to be top rated in the Balisong community, perfectly balanced and IN STOCK. Featured as one of S2G's highest quality  butterfly knives.

FINALLY.... an Authentic bali bridging the gap of ccc and overpriced! THESE WILL SELL OUT !!

  • ORIGINAL  design, made by "Instaknives Evolution" a High End factory in China.
  • Milled Aluminum T-6061 Black Handles: Sandwich construction, textured with grippy grooves
  • T-latch w/ grippy grooves (doesn't flop around)
  • Zen Pins provide a quite satisfying PING  while flipping, T8 hardware (no tap when tuned properly)
  • Real Brass roller cage BALL BEARING pivots for an Ultra Smooth swing 
  • Removable Pocket clip (spare included)
  • Razor Sharp 440 Stainless Steel with a Stonewashed finish
  • Overall Length: 9.9"  Handle Length: 5.5"  Blade Length: 4.4"
  • Blade Thickness: 3mm  Hardness: 56HRC  Weight: 5.4oz
  • INCLUDED: Draw string carry pouch, Spare Training Blade (1.5oz) + spare hardware (pivots + bearings + clip + latch).  
  • Optional: Need threadlocker? CLICK HERE      Need oil? CLICK HERE


"Evolution, bridging the gap!"


This is an ORIGINAL product, NOT a clone :) feel free to post your videos anywhere and tag us in them @slash2gash

Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

Customer Reviews

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RIch Morgenstein
Ups and downs of the knife

I have been flipping knives while know. 40$ amazon knifes to few 450$ ones. I have been wanting to buy this knife for a while now. It has many higher end features. But at a non suicidal price point. But is it really worth the 130$ ? I think this is actually the first knife I have ever seen that can have smooth rotation and standards as higher end knife. So here is downside first! Very soft materials. Blade can be dinged very easily if you drop it. Seems to be mild steel. Very soft 6065 aluminum with stainless steel rail inside. Pins are made of a non hardened steel which show wear pretty fast. Up sides? To start with it was on stock! If you ever wanted better qt knife. They are like finding a unicorn! Why is the 130$ worth it? Pins can be replaced very easy with better ones. Comes with trainer blade. If you want decent knife with (bearings) on zen pins. Night and day even if you are a beginner. Makes hobby 90% more fun vs cheaper ones without wallet sting as bad. There is zero ring or tap in one they sent me. Why does this matter? Its huge in terms of flipping tricks. Especially if you are learning. I won't go into detail on that but lots info online to explain it. If you want taste 40$ knife is okay I guess. But if you get the itch and really enjoy it. This 130$ knife well worth the price point. Terms of knife function. Edge will wear fast. But my god they must of 9k gritted that stuff blade cause you could shave with it out of the box. Well 4 fingers then its full lol. Point is great flipping knife. Nice starter well worth price in terms of flipping.