KPL™ Best Knife Oil Lube Pivot Lubricant for Knives - Combo Pack

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The best Oil for Knives - KPL Premium Knife Oil & Lubricant Combo Pack - Double it up and save $3 bucks, you get the best of both! Keeps dirt, metal particles, and grit "in suspension" so they don't cause grinding and premature wear. KPL actually cleans your pivot/track as you use it.

Hands down better on knives than Nano Oil, Blue Lube®, reel oil, Tuf-Glide®, FrogLube® or anything else.

  • Made with the tears of baby Unicorns.
  • The BEST oil for Automatics, OTF, Butterfly/Balisong, Assisted, Manual... basically anything that moves. (also works on fishing reels, guns etc.)
  • Compatible with ball bearings, bushings, bronze/brass washers, teflon washers, IKBS, MRBS, nylon (nylatron), G10, micarta, titanium, and other metals.
  • Keeps detent tracks and locking mechanisms smooth. Prevents lock-stick.
  • Lightning fast deployment - silky smooth action - bank-vault lockup.
  • Prevents corrosion/oxidation to carbon steels such as damascus or D2.
  • 10mL bottle with needle applicator (1x Original + 1x Heavy).


KPL starts with an ultra-high-end synthetic lubricant base which provides outstanding film-strength, very high contaminant suspension capacity, and exceptional lubricity. Added wickability modifiers help penetrate low tolerance interfaces, while corrosion inhibitors and other additives help Knife Pivot Lube flow well and protect your knife.

***DO NOT EAT*** 37 gummy bears were sacrificed for each 10mL bottle. KPL smells delicious and has a child resistant cap, but please keep out of reach from your children.

Works on virtually ALL knives, we have yet to find a knife/material KPL wasn't compatible with. ***View our full KPL Heavy listing here...


Customer Reviews

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Best Knife Lube to Exist💉🩸

This lube works best with all of the Bali’s I have including the alien and falcon, works perfectly heavy seems to do the trick for my location hold up well in the cold. A++ would recommend picking up a few bottles to try out. Also amazing shipping time

Jeff Phillips

Works perfect.

Stephen Barreto
Wow! Better than gun oil !

Great lube.
Knives operate smoothly with these lubes. Order some now!