One Finger Skull Knuckle Paracord Self Defense Keychain - 9 Colors

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One Finger Punisher Skull Knuckle Keychain. A self defense jabber, a bottle opener, a key chain, and survivalist tool - all in one! The Paracord Skull is more than just decorative, impress your buddies as you bust this out at the party to rip off any beer caps. Put your middle finger through the hole, with the skull in the palm of your hand, and watch this keychain transform into a superb Public Safety Tool. The skull is excellently crafted and designed, sure to catch attention. The skull is forged from stainless steel and has a beautiful mirror-shine finish. Paracord attached to the skull, providing rope in a survival situation, perhaps this fella could help out.

Product Features:

  • Unique keychain and Self Defense tool
  • Weighs in at 2.5 oz
  • Skull has length of 2.88 inches
  • Includes paracord with a steel, decorated encasing
  • Detailed skull shape and look

Customer Reviews

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Gary Parker
Defense keychain

I like this product fits well in your hand work good as keychain πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

Miguel Velez
The product was great


Craig Chewning, Sr.
Skull bottle opener

A real conversation piece got many

David Darrah

ordered this because the pic is exactly like one i used to have. while this is functional i am very dissapointed that what i received is not what i ordered (picture). The look of the one pictured is to me a better looking product. Oh well

I apologize for the difference, sometimes small details will change from batch to batch. Due to the pandemic situation, the supplier was ordering from any factory available to get something in stock vs nothing. We are hoping for the next batch to return back to the original factory to be more accurate to our stock photo. Thank you for your review!

John Keith jr

One Finger Skull Knuckle Paracord Self Defense Keychain - 6 Colors