Stiletto OTF Automatic Knife Classic Italian Switchblade - 9 or 11 Inch

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Stiletto OTF Knife Large Italian Style Classic Switchblade 9" or 11" inch Automatic Knives - Etched Damascus, Rainbow, Silver, or Gold, with Wood or acrylic Marble Pearl.

***UPGRADED*** When you purchase these from "other sites", you may experience a high failure rate with many misfires/returns. Ours are now upgraded inhouse by S2G with a custom-made spring grease, eliminating the annoying *twang* these are known for, and also correcting the poor QC from the factory. Our knives last longer, lock up solid, and are super smooth and silent... simply BETTER than our competition.

Get the best of both worlds, this knife brilliantly combines the classic style of an Italian stiletto and the tactical speed of an OTF. A front loaded thumb slide fires and retracts the blade with smooth automatic precision. Add a unique design to your collection with your choice of color!

  • Classic Stiletto Style OTF (out-the-front)
  • Dual Action D/A - auto in and out
  • Blade: Plain Edge Bayonet style, 440 Stainless Steel
  • Blade Thickness: 2.8mm (both versions)
  • Blade Width: .53" (both versions)
  • Handle: Polished Stainless Steel bolsters with Acrylic scales
  • Handle Thickness: .79" (both versions)
  • Handle Width: .88" (both versions)
  • Weight: 7.1oz (9") or 8.45oz (11")
  • 9" version - Blade Length: 3.8"  Handle Length: 5.17"
  • 11" version - Blade Length: 4.75"  Handle Length: 6"
  • Includes: Nylon Sheath

Please Note: The only dimension that changes is the overall length, affecting the appearance/proportions of the knife to be "stretched out" or "shrunken up". 

Please Note: The decorative scale rises up and covers part of the trigger, which in turn gives you less of the trigger to grab ahold of. This model feels stiffer than most to push up/pull back because of this. If your grip strength is weakened due to arthritis etc. this specific model may be difficult for you to operate.

Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
John Travis
Stiletto 11 inch otf auto.

Hi s2g . I like this knife. It's solid with some heft to it ,with a powerful spring action. It looks cool as well .it's a great product. 👍

Jack Jenovese
Stiletto OTF

Excellent knife. EDC

Paul Sabatino
Excellent quality & service

Before the order was fullfilled jeff took the time to call me and fill me in on some details, and we had a little conversation. It’s nice to have that sort of experience especially from a first time buyer. The knives are amazing! They came within 3 days.

Really nice knife

The weight of this knife perfectly and fires faster than most

Andrew Gunter
OTF Stiletto

It locks out tight and doesn’t rattle. That’s the good. The bad part is, the handle is bulky and cheaply made. The blade is extremely disproportionate to the size of the handle. I regret buying two of them.

I believe the handle is supposed to be bulky to mimic the look of a 'classic stiletto'. We do have many pictures that shows the proportions, but I appreciate your feedback and have now updated the description.

The dimensions are now more specific and transparent about what you're getting, and when possible.... we will take more pictures for the specific variant ordered. Returns are gladly accepted if you'd like to send them back and go for the larger one (or any other) if you prefer? Just contact customer service and we'll be glad to help answer any questions comparing models. Thank you for the review!