TheONE Butterfly Knife w/ BUSHINGS 440C Channel Balisong - 42 Serrated

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"The ONE" Butterfly Knife w/ BUSHINGS 440C channel construction w/ Spring Latch - 42 Serrated. One of the most sought after Balisongs, now IN STOCK. This is the BEST version, NOT the cheaper ones that look just like it. Featured as one of S2G's premium  butterfly knives.

These WILL SELL OUT.... order yours today while they last! Very LIMITED QUANTITY !!

  • Classic "Benchmade"  Inspired design, with a 42 Part Serrated blade
  • Stainless Steel Handles: Channel construction (each handle is ONE SOLID PIECE)
  • Spring Latch at base allowing you to spring open  with just one hand by simply squeezing the handle
  • Pure Brass Washers and BUSHING system for an Ultra Smooth swing (Bushings are a small insert around the pivot screws, that separates the friction between 2 points of contact, instead of just 1... allowing for an even smoother swing)
  • Razor Sharp  High Quality 440C Premium Stainless Steel with a beautiful Satin finish
  • Overall Length: 9.5"  Closed Length: 5.5"  Blade Length: 4" Heavy Duty Nylon Sheath Included
  • Blade Thickness: 3mm  Hardness: 58HRC Weight: 5.7oz

"There is a reason why this is called "theONE", superb quality without breaking the bank!"


This is NOT a toy, and NOT intended for children... this is the REAL DEAL.

Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

This Item Cannot Ship to the Following States: CA, HI

TheONE Butterfly Knife 440C BM42 Serrated Best Version Channel Construction Balisong Spring Latch

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Varga

Good Work!

Sara Hotchkiss
Beautiful! And great service!

So after a brief shipping mixup, (customer service was great, btw, promptly addressed the issue! With emphasis on prompt!), my knife came and I opened it up. Out of the box, it's apparent that it's very well made. It swings smooth and is machined to perfection. If there was a downside, it's that there wasn't any hand-finishing done on the handles (at this price, you couldn't expect that). What that means, is while perfectly machined, the handles are a little "rough" in the sense that they have some "right angles" from the machining that can feel a little sharp and ouchie on your hand when flipping it. Not to worry though! This is easily fixed on your own with some sand paper. I took a single sheet of sand paper (I used 320 grit), and took the handles off and sanded them lengthwise placing the sand paper on some carpet on the ground (to give the sanding edge a rounded edge) and while holding it in my hand. This takes only about 20 minutes per handle. Maybe 30 (or however long you like!) to give it that smooth, hand-finished feel with no sharp machining edges. This is important to me because if I'm flipping it a lot (and I will) I want to have the handles turn smoothly in my hands with no resistance. I payed extra special attention when sanding the upper area of the handles as that's where my thumb and forefinger will handle it. This tiny effort, took the knife from feeling like something that was fresh off the mill, into something that felt like a very-expensive hand-finished knife. And it only took a little effort on my part. Not much at all. I was used to a chrome plated knife that feels very smooth in the hand and this brought this knife up to that level of smooth finish. I may go back over it with 1000 grit sandpaper (or higher) to give it a mirror polish later. Just be sure to take the scales off when doing it.

Great knife! Great service! Definitely recommend.