TheONE CHAB Butterfly Knife D2 TITANIUM Handle Balisong - Green Ano

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The ONE TITANIUM CHAB (clone) Butterfly Knife w/ BUSHINGS stone washed Black D2, with Green anodized channel construction, Zen Pins, and T-Latch. One of the top rated clones in the Balisong community, now IN STOCK. Featured as one of S2G's highest quality  butterfly knives.

These WILL SELL OUT.... order yours today while they last! Very LIMITED QUANTITY !!

  • "BRS CHannel Alpha Beast"  Inspired design (NOT authentic), made by "TheONE" a High End factory in China.
  • Milled Titanium Handles: Channel construction (each handle is ONE SOLID PIECE)
  • T-Latch at base, removable
  • Zen Pins (the original uses tang pins), crowned spine
  • Pure Brass Washers and large BUSHING system for an Ultra Smooth swing (Bushings are a small insert around the pivot screws, that separates the friction between 2 points of contact, instead of just 1... allowing for an even smoother swing)
  • Razor Sharp  High Quality D2 Tool Steel (alt blade) with a Black Stone Washed finish
  • Overall Length: 9.87"  Closed Length: 5.76"  Blade Length: 4.3"
  • Blade Thickness: 4mm  Hardness: 61HRC  Weight: 5.0oz
  • Includes: Heavy Duty Nylon Sheath + spare hardware.
  • Optional: Spare Training Blade CLICK HERE (1.3oz) + additional set of spare hardware. Need Threadlocker? Oil? Removal Tool? Knife accessories are available here...

"There is a reason why this is called this "theONE", superb quality without breaking the bank!"


These are clones, and we carry what people ask us to. If you do not support clones... do not buy one. Wasn't that easy :)

Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.


Customer Reviews

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The value of the product is top notch. Got mine with 0 tap/play. Will be a great beater to learn on.

Worth every penny

Fantastic knife. No tap or play out if the box!

Perfect clone

Now I've had a ano real chab alpha beast Nd have a rotten designs alpha beast. Now once again Jeff always answers and he will accommodate you. Right out the box spare parts, has no rub, tolerances are no tap that I can see. I did not flip with it yet. But first time I've recidved a clone and the sway as in holding it in the open position and see thst each handle is even is amazing. He kinda knows ny preferences. Yes the previous chab yes the 400$ had a little play and so does this one. I mean tiny. Thanx Jeff. Don't hesitate believe me. Email Jeff and buy it. You won't be disappointed. I mean even sway out the box. I know people who have real alpha beasts and it irks them thst they have rub. Like I said I'm being honest. 10 stars should be an option. I think imo the only way to tell the difference between the clone and the alpha beast would be the sound. The clone is a tiny quite. But who cares you bought it to flip it. I like to collect everything from custom, brnchmades, maxace, and I added clones to collect. I did not flip with this one yet. . Since the video salsa mall this is a link from my YouTube to watch it of this review of just going over really quick of the important parts of the tap in the play and the sway which was even very close to even and he picked that 1 out for me saw him promoting his stuff obviously. Yes it's true on my J DBA you cannot sell clothes at all however like I said I plan on flipping with a twist and the other ones collecting. And I like to point out the most important part because like I said back in the day when I use the buy from dhgste I had to make a note no adhesives. There is absolutely no glue adhesive or previous loctite on any of these high rated clones even on the $47 1 that I bought because you could mess with the bushings. And he. Has selection of washers or both washers and bushings.. China only used to have washers only.. the bushings and then you could lock tight to your preference. If it's you could maybe loosen it but it's gonna get to a point where it becomes so loose that you can't even back out the screws which is why you should buy from Jeff instead. 4 from this website because he has a lot of selections and some rare stuff like with the jaguars I was impressed that he at all 3 of them. Can't wait till he gets some colour variants of the titanium 42, home. Arch angels. And I had spoken to him about that and he will do his best and I appreciate all his communication with me self with that I'm going to present You guys with this review and this is also 4 to support Jeff for all the hard work and All his communication efforts. I will have one also on the twist and the 47 together.It wouldn't let me up record to that says the file was too big so I disciplined it on YouTube ages decided to put the link right here

Couldn’t be happier

Flips great sharp blade cool anodization that has blue and purple hues in fluorescent light. Comes with bushings and a spare set.I will definitely be buying from again! Only took 3 days to get.i have orders I placed in august with certain companies for similar products and I still haven’t received them lol slash 2gash is my first stop for Bali’s