TheONE Butterfly Knife 440C Channel Balisong - Tanto Blue Holes

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"The One" Butterfly Knife 440C channel construction w/ Spring Latch - Blue Holes Tanto. One of the most sought after Balisongs, now IN STOCK. Very capable of performing any advanced tricks. Featured as one of S2G's premium  butterfly knives.

These WILL SELL OUT.... order yours today while they last! Very LIMITED QUANTITY !!

  • Classic "Benchmade"  Inspired design, with a "HALO" style Tanto blade
  • Stainless Steel Handles: Channel construction (each handle is ONE SOLID PIECE)
  • Spring Latch at base allowing you to spring open  with just one hand by simply squeezing the handle
  • Pure Brass Washers for an Ultra Smooth swing
  • Razor Sharp  High Quality 440C Premium Stainless Steel with a beautiful Satin finish
  • Overall Length: 9.5"  Closed Length: 5.5"  Blade Length: 4" Heavy Duty Nylon Sheath Included
  • Blade Thickness: 3mm  Hardness: 58HRC Weight: 5.7oz 

"There is a reason why this is called "TheONE", superb quality without breaking the bank!"


This is NOT a toy, and NOT intended for children... this is the REAL DEAL.

Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

This Item Cannot Ship to the Following States: CA, HI

TheONE Butterfly Knife 440C Tanto Blue Holes Balisong Channel Construction Best Version Spring Latch Slash2Gash S2G

Customer Reviews

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Wesley Lara
Great quality

Great knife and came fast

Andrew l
Take my money

When I saw this, at this price, with this coloring, (and now knowing the quality)...I had to get it. No regrets...I bought another. It has sentimental value

Nice knife

Smooth with little adjustment, and sharp.

Daniel Ferguson
Pretty good

For $50, you cannot beat this. I would say it's perfect if it was just a bit lighter, and there was a slight aesthetic flaw with my handles.
At 5.7 it's a bit heavy for flipping, however definitely not impossible. I've been flipping this thing to death and i love it, your knuckles pay for it but it's just so smooth and flips nicely. You can definitely get used to it still.
Honestly the bigger issue for me was a color problem. In a poorly lit room the handles looked perfect, but once you bring them into the light there was a definite difference in the the blue on the handles.
Other than that. Blade was as advertised; razor sharp. Handles are solid and can hold up to the beatings when you flip, and the spring latch works. The knife is fantastic and i would absolutely recommend it for the price point.

Rich Scales
Little minor niggle, but great knife for the money

OK right off the bat, theone doesnt hide the fact their balis areheavily influenced by benchmade, for the monst part theyre clones....however like many, I dont have 3 or 400 dollars to spend, so like many, this is one of the best options.
The brushed steel handle look great, even moreso with the added blue. the blade is great too, very even grind, sharpened really well.
The only problem I had was the washers, which are copper, are not flat. I tried sanding but they were getting close to being too thin. uneven washers create tighter areas, and the handles dont always move freely because of it.
I rectified the problem by putting in some bronze phospher washers.
The other issue is actually a bit of a pain.....the pivot have a dome end...inside the pivot is some knurling which should grip the knive thus preventing spinning when tightening. One did this, one didnt.
I carefully used my dremel to cut a slot for a flathead screwdriver, therefor allowing tightening with 2 screwdrivers.hence 4 stars not 5.
Having said all this I love the knife....cant blame a seller because one pivot didnt grip'''besides the slots on the dome look cool.
Well worth the money though...every cent. Itsca great quality knife...and Im a collector with over 60 knives some all better than or much better than average.
Also the knife is excellently balanced...and great for flipping
Slash2gash i recommend to everyone too...not a single issue :)