Thompson 1928 Chicago Typewriter Full Metal SMG Tommy Gun Airsoft AEG

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THOMPSON 1928 Chicago Typewriter 465 fps


            During the 1920’s Prohibition Era, the Thompson submachine gun – aka the “Tommy Gun” or the “Chicago Typewriter” – was an iconic weapon that dominated the streets of the cities all over the United States.  It saw itself being used on both sides of the law – from gun running gangsters to the officers that tracked them down.  With the stopping power of the .45 ACP bullet combined with the Thompson’s compact size and high rate of fire, it was no surprise why people used it. 

            While CyberGun's replica doesn’t use the .45 ACP, it still has many similar traits that the original Chicago Typewriter has.  To start off, it contains trademarks and logos that you would find on the original Thompson, giving the gun that extra bit of realism.  Making use of a full metal upper and an ABS lower receiver gives the Tommy gun some heft, but not so much that it is unbearable.  Even though the wood furniture is a mock wood finished plastic, it helps balance out the gun, especially after you put the battery into the stock.  Externally, the Thompson looks and feels great. 

            Using a full metal, reinforced gearbox, with steel gears – CyberGun made the internals built to last.  With solid internals, the Thompson can blast out its 450 round drum magazine with relative ease.  Coupling excellent internal parts with durable external components, the CyberGun M1928 Thompson is a great choice for both regular airsofters looking for something different and World War II re-enactors or collectors looking for a good quality replica of the famous submachine gun. 

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  • Chicago Typewriter Thompson drum mag included
  • Features original logos and trademarks. Metal upper receiver w/ polymer lower receiver
  • Marui compatible system with tons of after-market upgrade parts.
  • Steel gears / metal bushings / reinforced Marui compatible gearbox
  • Metal body for authentic look and realistic weight. Realistic 1:1 Scale.
  • High quality simulated wood grain finish
  • Adjustable hopup, 2-way adjustable rear sight
  • Semi-automatic, fully-automatic, and safety modes.

Muzzle Velocity: 400~450 FPS Energy: 1 joule.
Hopup: Adjustable Hopup.
Magazine capacity: 450 round drum mag
BB: Works best with 0.20g, 0.23g, 0.25g or 0.28g Matrix bb.
Weight: 8.5 lbs.
Dimension: 32 inches.
Rate of fire: 600~700 bb / min
Hopup: Yes / Adjustable.
Mode: Full Auto, Semi Auto and safety.
Battery: 8.4v Mini NiMH 1100mAh
Package Includes: Gun, Drum Magazine, Manual, Unjamming/Cleaning Rod, Battery & Charger

Manufacture: CYMA (Cybergun licensed / Saeilo Enterprise Inc.)

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