Vibra-Tite Thread Locker GEL Red/Blue Knife Pivot Lock Tight loctite

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VibraTite Threadlocker Gel 6mL Blue (removable) Loctite for Butterfly Knives Balisong Pivot screws medium strength formula 125, or Red high strength 135 (permanent). Convenient Gel is easier to use than traditional liquid loctite.... No Drip, No Waste!

Use BLUE GEL when threaded items need service removability. Prevents fasteners from loosening.

Use RED GEL when you want to permanently affix your threads (NOT removable) or bolts larger than 1".

Use on Knives, Firearms, Archery Bows, ATVs, Motorcycles, Boats, Farm Equipment and more.... Formulated to meet OEM Specs. Gun-Tite Threadlocker welds on scope mounts, tightens loose or worn screws, anchors swivel bases, and can be removed if needed.

***Do your balisong pivot screws keep loosening while you flip? That's because the natural pivoting motion is constantly turning them. Add a little Vibra-Tite blue gel to your CLEANED threads and PRESTO... now they stay put! You're welcome.


  • Made in the USA
  • GEL Tubes: 0.2 Fluid Ounces (6mL) Re-Sealable (retail packaging NOT included)
  • or smaller LIQUID bullet tubes (1.8mL)
  • Prevents fasteners from loosening
  • Medium strength (blue) for up to 3/4" diameter fasteners
  • Torque Break: 120 in/lbs. 
  • Torque Prevail: 45 in/lbs. 
  • Low Temperature Rating: -65 Degrees F
  • High Temperature Rating: 300 Degrees F
  • Shake before use, clean surfaces, apply product and assemble
  • Parts typically fixture within 30 minutes; fully cure within 24 hours



Knives LOVE oil. If you are disassembling your knife, you need to be applying oil... and there is nothing better than KPL™ (Knife Pivot Lube).

***See our full KPL™ listing here...

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