Quicky Keychain Butterfly Knife Mini Novelty Balisong - 9 colors

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Don't leave home without a Quicky Butterfly Knife, Mini Novelty Balisong Key Chain - Marbled Red, Green, Blue, Camouflage, Bronze, Black, Silver, Gold, and Copper. The quick little blade on this knife is polished down to a mirror finish. It has a strong stainless steel blade with a not-so-sharp factory edge. The unique handle has brass rivets to secure it to the blade. A Marbled Red handle has has a unique appearance, but it is made of high quality aluminum. At the back of the handle is a lock to keep the knife open or closed when you need it. Available in 9 colors.

  • Overall Length: 3.5 Inches. Blade Length: 1.5 Inches.
  • Blade: Drop Point, Fine Edge, Mirror Polished, Stainless Steel.
  • Handle: 2 Inches, Glossy Red & Black, Cutouts.
  • Features: Handle Lock, Steel Key Chain.

Customer Reviews

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Mini butterfly

These are great as gifts would recommend

Pretty cool

Works pretty much how i thought it would, doesn’t flip amazingly but it flips, and the blade comes dull incase you don’t want it sharp. my only complaint is the latch coming undone when it’s hung on my keys; i had to remove the keychain triangle piece that holds the knife and reshape it so it would serve as an actual latch when it’s hung on my keys.

Slip a small o-ring over the end of the latch... easy fix! Thank you for the review!


Quicky Keychain Butterfly Knife Mini Novelty Balisong - 9 colors

Cool novelty item

Very good quality for a knife this size the locking mechanism isnt that good but was expected from a small knife like this. Smooth to flip even thought the knife is smaller than my finger but overall really good


Lock mechanism doesn't work so not ideal for carrying around car keys in your pocket.

This is a $5 novelty item, so it's not meant to be much other than a cool fun little item.... but if you slip a small o-ring over the end of your latch, that'll fix it right up so it holds better! Thank you for your review and we look forward to serving you in the future! -S2G