Swinguard Stiletto Knife Rare Italian Automatic - Snakewood 440C

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Swing Guard Switchblade Snakewood Stiletto Automatic Knives, rare Italian style lockback knife - 9". The push button quickly deploys a Silver Mirror Finished 440C blade Stamped "ITALY". Swinging the guard into place, then uses a sturdy Spine Lock  to close and secure with the front mounted sliding safety. View our other versions HERE...

***Exotic Snakewood*** also known as Letterwood, or Leopardwood, stands out as one of the most aesthetically unique woods in the world. It only grows deep within the jungles of Guyana and Suriname, an exotic hardwood prized for its highly figured grain resembling a snake skin pattern.

Snakewood, Letterwood, Leopardwood, rare exotic wood with snake pattern used for knives knife makingLeaf-Spring opening. Some pieces are quite strong, but some may need to be held firmly to lock. A leaf-spring uses stored potential energy, like a grass-hopper. Kicking against the sturdy ground, it can jump very high.... but kicking in the air, doesn't work too well. This same concept applies... brace the bottom of the handle against your palm with a firm grip. This provides a base for the spring to kick against. 

PRO TIP: Rotate your wrist to a palm-up position, and even a weaker spring will still lock when held properly.


  • High Quality Swing Guard Stiletto
  • Blade: Plain Edge Bayonet style, 440C Stainless Steel
  • Handle: Stainless Steel with Authentic Exotic Snakewood Scales
  • Riveted construction, Leaf-Spring opening
  • Spine lock (lockback) release
  • Front mounted sliding Safety Lock
  • Weight: 4.1oz (knife only)   Hardness: 58 HRC
  • Overall Length: 8.85"  Blade Length: 3.78"  Handle Length: 5"
  • Nylon Sheath Included
  • MOST pcs now include a removable pocket clip (not pictured)


Please Note: You must read our DISCLAIMER before purchasing. Check your laws. Absolutely no sales to minors.

Customer Reviews

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Ronald Stayments

I love the knife in his out fanding. The construction of it is very good. I love the look of the wood.


Swinguard stiletto knife came out awesome. I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and the seller upgraded my shipping and I got a coupon code for a future purchase. Awesome shop he’s got and great customer service. Will absolutely purchase again thanks man!

Rodney Izer
Great customer service

Got my new knife very fast.. it's awesome and the selling company is the same.. Thank you.

Mike Shannon

Its the best one i have got yet and paper cutting sharp right out the box. Thanx again guys have a great week end

Robert Gonzalez
Swing Guard Stilleto

Stayed up during the Holidays sharpening my AKC, and Frank Beltrame switchblades when on a whim, I began searching the internet for switchblades. I came across Slash2Gash. The name threw me off but what the heck, the site had knives and great reviews. Skeptical but throwing caution to the wind, I ordered 2 swinguards for $80 plus each knife. I didn't receive any notice from S2G about my purchase for 2 days, holidays and all when suddenly an email thanking me for my purchase and the knives were on their way! Knives arrived well packaged with super strong nylon sheaths, a real plus, protecting the knives. The fit and polish is superb! The action is really robust locking the blades in place. I compared them to the AKC and Frank B knives and found the Italians were good but not as hefty as S2G. Knowing that the knives might be made in China, though stamped "Italy" and "440c" the quality for what I paid is definitely worth it! My Italians purchased 20 years ago are near $200 each. S2G knives, one with snakewood the other rosewood are really a nicely done rendition of an iconic classic. I'm very impressed with the customer service and the quality of their products. I am very pleased with my purchase and will purchase from Slash2Gash again. BTW I'm not related to any one there 🙂